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Looking for a tasty Chapati recipe or where to get frozen Chapati Malaysia? Never have to travel to another Indian Restaurant in Petaling Jaya or Jalan Ipoh (Kuala Lumpur) again as you can now buy frozen Chapati online!

Chapati, or “Chapatti”, is a type of flatbread made of whole wheat flour mixed into dough with water. Sometimes, salt is also mixed in using a utensil called a parat. Traditionally, the flatbread is then cooked on a flat skillet also known as a tava.

Chapattis are a common staple in the Indian subcontinent and go well with curries, dry sabjis, chutneys or dal. Simple yet versatile, Kawan Food’s frozen chapatti range is a favourite in Malaysian households. This tasty Indian flatbread can now be easily introduced into your daily meals! After all, these are easy to cook over a pan (or cast iron skillet) especially when you add ghee butter into the mix.

Kawan Food Chapatti

Our ‘Ready to Eat’ Chapatti are an excellent, healthy option for family meals, especially when cooked in the pan with just a bit of olive oil to prevent them from sticking. For those who are tight on time and need a quick meal, choose the Ezy Chapati range instead, which are already pre-cooked and 100% microwavable. Simply reheat them in the microwave for a fast, tasty meal with your family’s favourite curries and side dishes.

You will love Kawan Food’s frozen chapati bread - they taste delicious, have no added preservatives and are very easy to make. Shop our online store now to get any quantity you want - these are also available in packs of 10 or more.

About: Kawan Food is one of the most popular frozen chapati brands in Malaysia and overseas. You can now buy chapati online from Kawan Food or find it in your nearest major supermarket.





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