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Buy Frozen Italian Pizza Online

Why go to Italian restaurants when you can have authentic Italian pizzas right at home? Enjoy delicious woodfired pizzas with Kawan Food’s sorrento and sorrentino pizzas made in Italy! There are various flavours to enjoy, including rocket and cherry tomato, pesto, buffalo mozzarella cheese and four cheese pizza.

You’ll love our thin crust pizza dough, generous toppings of cheese, and enticing sauce topped with fragrant herbs. Each box of Kawan Food pizza delivers outstanding flavour and incredible quality. Enjoy every delicious bite of our thin crust, crispy pizza. Each pizza is stone-oven baked to perfection before being quickly deep frozen to preserve their freshness and taste.

The Best Frozen Cheese Pizzas Malaysia

After a quick fix to satisfy your pizza craving? Forget Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizza. Kawan Food offers some of the yummiest frozen pizzas in Malaysia! Don’t believe us? Just try any of our authentic Italian pizzas and cheese pizzas. We currently offer buffalo cheese pizza and mozarella cheese pizza, but the range is growing! Just heat it up in a hot oven and you have authentic Italian pizza ready to fill your tummy.

Kawan Food’s frozen pizzas are all Halal-certified and made with authentic ingredients from Italy. Like all our other food products, our frozen cheese pizzas are free from added preservatives and trans fats. Buy frozen pizza online now from our Kawan Food store - shop the full range above and remember to check back for new flavours!



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