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Buy Steamed Flower Buns Online

Steamed flower buns, also known as steamed mandarin rolls, are a kind of steamed bun or mantou from China. In Mandarin, they are often referred to as ‘Huā juǎn’. Although not as popular in South Eastern countries, mantou flower rolls are a staple in northern Chinese cuisine - similar to how white bread is eaten in almost every Western household. The only difference is that these Chinese steamed flower rolls can be slightly sweet, which makes them suitable for eating plain. However, some people may enjoy eating them with some sweetened condensed milk or serving them as a substitute for rice when eating with meat stews and saucy dishes.

Kawan Food Frozen Flower Rolls

Buy Kawan Food steamed flower roll buns frozen online. Like all Kawan Food products, our flower bun breads are Halal certified, free from trans fats and free from added preservatives. You can buy these mantou flower rolls frozen online and get them delivered directly to your doorstep. The most popular in our range are the plain flower rolls - they are perfect to accompany curries and stews. For a light snack, why not try our spring onion flower roll? It tastes great even on its own. Shop our full range online above and leave us a review once you’ve had a taste! We look forward to hearing your thoughts.



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