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Buy Sweet Potato Balls Online

Have you been wondering where to buy sweet potato balls in KL or Malaysia? Although they’re a popular snack in Malaysia, they are becoming increasingly difficult to find at the local pasar malam or morning market. Well, sweet potato fans can now rejoice because Kawan Food’s latest range is here to save the day. You can now buy and stock up on frozen sweet potato balls at home and make them whenever the craving hits you.

Kawan Food’s recipe promises a perfect balance of savory sweet potato balls to whet your appetite. Made from the most humble ingredients - sweet potatoes, flour and sugar - they are a popular street snack in Malaysia. They also make a super tasty treat for breakfast or afternoon tea. The Malaysian fried sweet potato balls are similar to Taiwanese sweet potato balls - both are deep fried to perfection so that it’s crispy on the outside while soft and fluffy on the inside.

Kawan Food Fried Sweet Potato Balls Malaysia

Like all our other snacks and frozen food products, Kawan Food’s sweet potato balls are Halal certified, free from added preservatives and trans-fat free. They are also made with real sweet potatoes, with no added colouring and no added flavouring. Our sweet potato balls make the perfect healthy snack for afternoon tea and snacks. Both kids and adults will love how chewy and bouncy they are. Plus, they are super easy to prepare at home. Our potato balls can be baked, air fried, or deep fried. No matter which method you use, the results are just as delicious.

Buy frozen sweet potato balls from our online store above and get them delivered straight to your doorstep. Each pack comes with 30 yummy balls. You can also purchase them in bulk cartons of 24 packs if you’re serving them up for your cafe, restaurant, or food stall. If you’re hosting a party, they are also very convenient and easy to make. Buy our delicious fried sweet potato balls today and we guarantee you’ll be left wanting more.



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