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Buy Naan Online in Malaysia

Wondering where to buy naan bread in Malaysia? Get it delivered straight to your doorstep when you buy online from us. Kawan Food’s range of frozen naans will make family homemade dinners quick and super easy. Ready to serve within minutes, our naan roti goes great with tandoori chicken and your favourite curries.

The Indian naan is a type of oven-baked flatbread that may have originated from India but is equally popular in Asian and Caribbean cuisines. Traditionally, the naan is cooked in a tandoor, from which tandoori cooking takes its name. That is why you’ll see it sometimes being called a tandoori naan, which is exactly what we have named ours here at Kawan Food.

There are many ways to enjoy the tandoori roti naan - plain, with soup, and alongside or wrapped with various toppings of meat and vegetables. An all-time favourite for many is cheese naan, but we at Kawan Food highly recommend adding minced garlic and butter to make a mouthwatering, fragrant garlic naan at home. Better yet, impress your friends and family with some cheese stuffed naan pizza with various toppings such as spinach and ham. The possibilities are endless!

Kawan Food Naan

Our ‘Ready to Eat’ Naan make an excellent, healthy option for quick and easy family meals. We’ve recently improved our naan bread recipe to make it even more deliciously soft and chewy on the inside, yet crispy on the outside. Our frozen naan is super easy to make at home. Just take it straight out of the freezer and into a hot pan with ghee or butter, and your meal will be ready within a few minutes. Alternatively, you can bake it in the oven - the end result is just as delicious.

Additionally, Kawan Food Naan have no added preservatives and are certified Halal. Shop our online store now to get them in packs of five or cartons of 24 packs - perfect for restaurants and F&B. At just RM6.70 a pack, Kawan Food’s readymade naan are very affordable for family meals.

In Malaysia and overseas, Kawan Food is one of the most popular frozen naan brands. You’ll find our frozen naan in your major supermarkets but for even better convenience, you can now buy naan online from Kawan Food.



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