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A common Mediterranean and Middle Eastern bread, the pita bread is also widely known as the Arabic bread or Syrian bread. In Malaysia, we call this “roti pita”. Being another well-loved flatbread, it’s not hard to imagine why several regions have created their own take on it. With many typically eating the pita bread on its own with some sides, the Greeks use it to wrap souvlaki.

The origins of the Pita bread were found to have come from the Middle East about 15,000 years ago. The Natufian people made their very first Pita flatbread from wild cereal grains such as ancient wheat and barley. Not much has changed as the ingredients are still similarly simple.

Typically, the Pita bread is meant to be cut in half so a pocket is created. The pocket is then stuffed with fillings of your choice, making it the perfect sandwich pouch. The Naan on the other hand, popular with modern South Indian cuisine, is the staple perfect for complementing rich, curry dishes.

Kawan Food Pita Bread

Our ‘Ready to Eat’ soft pita bread are an excellent, healthy option for family meals, and is incredibly easy to cook.

You will love Kawan Pita bread Malaysia - our roti pita taste delicious, have no added preservatives and are very easy to make. Shop our online store now to get any quantity you want - these are also available in packs of 12 or more. Starting from just RM5.20 per pack, this option is both healthy and affordable!

Kawan Food is one of the most popular frozen chapati brands in Malaysia and overseas. You can now buy frozen pita online from Kawan Food or find it in your nearest major supermarket. 



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