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Buy Frozen Vegetarian Food Malaysia

Buy vegetarian food online and get it delivered straight to your doorstep! Kawan Food’s range of frozen vegetarian food is healthy, tastes great, and ideal for all vegetarians and vegans. We offer a range of vegetarian frozen food for you to choose from. Choose from our range of frozen peas, frozen corn, or frozen mixed vegetables to make your favourite vegetarian recipes at home. Made from the highest quality ingredients with no added preservatives, Kawan’s frozen mixed vegetables are a favourite in households and restaurants all across Malaysia.

Frozen vegetables are a versatile ingredient for all cooking purposes. Flash frozen to below freezing point to maintain their freshness, frozen vegetables are just as healthy and nutritious as fresh vegetables. More importantly, they are more convenient to keep and use, lasting longer in the freezer without compromising on freshness and nutrition. In fact, frozen vegetables are often more economical than their fresh counterparts.

Kawan Food Vegetarian Online Store Malaysia

Kawan Food also offers a range of tasty vegetarian chicken flavoured food that are completely meat-free. Check out our Veat's Veaty Bites range - you’ll love our chicken style chunks, pandan chicken bites and satay chicken bites. Made with no garlic and no onions, Veaty Bites’ chicken chunks are a favourite among even the pickiest eaters. We also have other meat-free options such as our frozen french fries. Shop all our vegetarian friendly food above to prepare your favourite healthy frozen vegetarian meals.

Buy Kawan’s range of frozen vegetarian food from our store, or chat with us to order yours in bulk or for export. All Kawan Food’s products are certified Halal, free from added preservatives and free from trans fats. Shop now for quick and convenient online vegetarian food delivery direct to your doorstep. With Kawan Food’s online shop, vegetarian food online ordering has never been easier.



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