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Buy Cheese, Sauce & Curry Online

Looking to buy cheese, sauces and curries online for your favourite homemade recipes? From curries to sambal ikan billis and blended spreads, Kawan Food’s range is exactly what you need. Now you can easily buy vegetable curry, dhal curry and sambal ikan bilis online, along with your favourite bread or bun!

Made from the highest quality ingredients with no added preservatives, Kawan’s frozen ikan bilis, paste and curries are a favourite in households and restaurants all across Malaysia. Kawan’s sauces, pastes and dips are all flash frozen to below freezing point to maintain their freshness. This allows them to be as healthy and nutritious as if they were made fresh.

More importantly, they are more convenient to keep and use, lasting longer in the freezer without compromising on freshness and nutrition. This makes Kawan Food more economical, easy to use and more convenient than their fresh counterparts.

Kawan Food Frozen Sauce and Curries Malaysia

Kawan offers some of the tastiest and highest quality curries and sauces. In fact, we’re one of the most popular suppliers in Malaysia that cater to local restaurants and food services. If you’re looking for the best quality sauces, pastes and dips Malaysia has to offer, then look no further than Kawan Food.

All Kawan Food’s products are certified Halal, free from added preservatives and free from trans fats. Shop our range of frozen curries from your local major supermarket. Alternatively, buy Kawan’s famous sambal ikan bilis, frozen paste, or even buy dips online now at the Kawan Food online store.

All our sauces, pastes and curries are also available for wholesale order. They are perfect for restaurants, even operators and F&B outlets that want great taste and convenience. Purchase now in bulk cartons of 24 packs or talk to us for higher quantities. Check out directly from our store, or chat with us to order yours in bulk or for export.



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