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Buy Savory Tang Yuan Online

Tang yuan are a type of Chinese delicacy made from glutinous rice flour mixed with a bit of water. They’re then rolled into balls and then cooked in boiling water. That’s why tang yuan in English is known as glutinous rice balls. Savoury tangyuan are traditionally eaten during the Chinese Lantern Festival, Winter Solstice Festival and family reunions. The reason is because ‘tangyuan’ sounds similar to “union” in Chinese. In addition, its round shape of balls and the bowls in which they are served are seen as a good symbol of family togetherness.

Chinese tang yuan are commonly found as a sweet dessert option with fillings such as red bean and black sesame. However, they are also available in a savory version made with meat fillings. Our range of savory glutinous rice balls with meat filling are available in BBQ chicken flavour and chicken, chives and mushroom flavour. Both options taste great in a chicken broth with some vegetables and minced meat.

Frozen Savory Glutinous Rice Balls Malaysia

Shop our savory tang yuan range available above. These delicious meat stuffed rice balls are perfect for a simple home cooked dinner and easy to prepare for large family reunions. Each ball is bursting with ingredients and full of flavour! Why eat tangyuan outside when it’s so affordable and easy to make at home? Just boil to cook the rice balls, and then serve in soup with other vegetables and ingredients.

Now you can buy tang yuan online from Kawan Food’s online store and get it delivered straight to your doorstep. Shop our full range above and let us know if you’d like to see more flavours of tang yuan made available for you! Also, do check out our sweet tangyuan range in our desserts section, the perfect way to end a meal. We have dessert tang yuan available in both filled and plain versions. Do try all our sweet and savory tang yuan and leave us a review on which flavours you liked the best.



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