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Buy frozen dumpling pastry and frozen wantan pastry online

Dumplings and wantans - two of the most popular and consumed Chinese dumplings around the world. Silky, delicate pastry wrapped around juicy, savoury fillings, dumplings and wantans are a staple in Chinese cuisine and often made with love from home. In fact, some of us may remember helping our parents wrap teaspoons of homemade fillings into thin slices of wonton wrappers or dumpling pastry from our childhood days.

If you’ve been wondering, wantan and dumpling pastry are made from the same ingredients. The main difference is in the shape - the wonton skin is square in shape, whereas dumpling skin is round. Additionally, wontons are usually smaller in size and are boiled and served in soup or deep fried. On the other hand, dumplings are usually larger in size and can be boiled, grilled or boiled in soup.

Ready made dumpling wrappers and wonton skin

If you’ve been wondering where to buy dumpling wrappers and kulit wantan frozen, look no further! KG Pastry offers kulit wantan halal and kulit dumpling halal. Even better - our kulit dumpling and kulit wantan segera are free from added preservatives and trans-fat free. Our dumpling pastry and wonton skin are favoured by home cooks, professional chefs, restaurants and foodservice industries for their great taste, convenience and consistent quality.

You may find our dumpling pastry and wantan skins sold in local major supermarkets. However, for your convenience, you can also now buy KG Pastry dumpling skin and wonton wrappers online! Just shop the options above and get them delivered straight to your doorstep. At just RM2 per pack of 200g, you can make all of your favourite wantan and dumpling recipes for yourself and your friends and family.



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