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KAWAN Puff Pastry Block (400g) KAWAN Puff Pastry Block (400g)

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Kawan Food offers some of the best frozen pastry online. You’ll find a huge range of frozen pastry options online for all cuisines, from Asian to Western. The most popular pastry among our range is our Kawan Puff Pastry, the best puff pastry sheets Malaysia has to offer! Equally sought after are our frozen samosa wrappers and KG Pastry spring roll wrappers.

Other than our spring roll and samosa skin, you can also buy wonton skin and dumpling pastry in our online store. They’re a favourite not only among home cooks, but also professional chefs and local restaurants. Our ready made dumpling wrappers and wantan skin offer consistent quality and taste at extremely affordable prices. You’ll also love our fried bean curd sheets, perfect for steamboats, wrapping dim sum rolls and even to make healthy vegetarian noodles. Not forgetting our delicious garlic bread that's buttery and soft on the inside yet crispy on the outside.

Kawan Food Pastry Malaysia

While you can find our pastry in major supermarkets and local grocers, you can now also buy them online from us here and get it delivered to your doorstep. Ordering is easy - simply add to cart, check out, and choose your preferred delivery time. We will contact you to confirm the delivery time, and your order will be stored tight temperature-controlled freezing facilities before delivery. A specially designed insulated bag is used when delivering your goods to ensure the products’ temperatures are kept at its optimal level.

Shop Kawan Food’s pastry range above for some of the best puff pastry sheets, dumpling skins and bean curd skins. Kawan’s frozen food products are all Halal certified, free from added preservatives and free from trans fats. They’re also available in singular packs or multiple packs in a carton - perfect for restaurants, cafes and foodservices. Buy frozen pastry online now - shop the full range above!



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